We are committed to delivering the highest quality work to our clients through our use of state-of-the-art equipment, implementation of quality-controlled processes, and ongoing training and development for our team.


The health and well-being of our employees and clients is a top priority. We are compliant with industry safety standards and conduct regular safety audits and provide ongoing safety training for our team.


We recognize our responsibility to protect the environment and incorporate sustainable practices into our daily operations, such as using environmentally friendly materials, minimizing waste, and reducing our carbon footprint.


We believe in open and honest communication and involve our clients and employees in the decision-making process, providing regular updates on our progress and performance.


  • To consistently provide excellence in quality.
  • To complete projects in a timely manner.
  • Providing ongoing training for our team to upskill them in step with the changing demands and expectations of our industry.

our vision STATEMENT

  • To be recognized as a leader in the construction industry by providing energy-efficient and sustainable & practical solutions.
  • Implementing a continuous improvement process.
  • Being transparent and responsive to our clients’ needs.


  • We are committed to ensuring safety and compliance.
  • By being fully compliant with industry safety standards and regulations.
  • Conducting regular safety audits & providing ongoing safety training for our team.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to being socially responsible by:

  • Participating in local community projects.
  • Promoting local hiring.
  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment.


Backyard Provisions Kenya Limited is a National Construction Authority (NCA 5) certified construction company in Nairobi, Kenya. We specialize in Building Works, Road Works, and Water Works projects and have a strong focus on serving the Education, NGOs, Community-Based Organizations, Government Projects, Residential and Commercial Real Estate sectors. Our team is made up of dedicated and skilled professionals who are committed to delivering high quality and timely completed projects.

We are dedicated to safety, sustainability, and transparency in all our projects. We invest in the latest technologies and provide ongoing training for our team to ensure that we deliver the best possible results. We offer a flexible bespoke service that is tailored to the specific needs of each client. Our experience and expertise in the construction industry is unmatched and we are committed to quality and use a quality management system to ensure that each project is completed to the highest standards.

We pride ourselves in our honesty, work ethics, and commitment to providing our clients with the best experience because we understand that trust and reliability are crucial when it comes to choosing a construction partner.



We work with the most valued customers, completing large-scale projects in excavations, infrastructure, internal roads, highways, freeways, parking lots and concrete and asphalt laying.

We provide a design and build service focusing on added value, innovation engineering, utilizing cutting-edge technology to minimize waste and reduce costs.

We can respond to any circumstance by utilizing our own directly engaged, multi-skilled personnel, which is supported by experienced, robust project management and planning capabilities. The civil works team has been at the forefront of the region’s expansion, delivering world-class civil engineering projects within demanding time schedules and achieving and exceeding the quality demanded by our clients.


Throughout Kenya, we provide new build, refurbishment, project management and design, build solutions to public and private sector clients.

We can work under traditional contract, on a ‘design and build’ basis, or as works packages on large projects and under local and national government framework contracts.

We meticulously plan and strictly control the highest standards of quality and safety on these projects.

  • General Supplies: Tissues, furniture, drinking water, firewood, and other essentials.
  • Stationeries: Books, pens, printing papers, toners, and cartridges etc.
  • Confectioneries: Sweets, cakes, and biscuits for all occasions.
  • Fresh Farm Produce: Vegetables and fruits to ensure our clients have access to fresh and healthy food.
  • Electronics: Computers, printers, and TVs to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
  • Food Stuffs: Staple food items such as flour, sugar, and meat etc.
  • Hardware Materials: Cement, nails, roofing sheets, and tiles for construction and other projects.
  • Office Supplies: Furniture, equipment and accessories for office needs.
  • Safety Equipment: Protective gear for construction and industrial settings.
  • Industrial Supplies: Tools, machinery and equipment for manufacturing, construction and other industries.
  • Maintenance and Repair Services: to ensure smooth experience with the products our clients purchase from us.
  • Installation and Assembly Services: for complex products such as electronic devices and machinery.


We offer a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our team of professional cleaners is trained to provide top-notch cleaning services, including deep cleaning, daily cleaning, janitorial services, and specialized cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and post-construction cleaning. We use eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure that your property is spotless, hygienic, and safe for everyone.

Our landscaping services are designed to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces. Our team of experienced landscapers are equipped to handle all aspects of landscaping, including design, installation, and maintenance of gardens, lawns, and outdoor living spaces. We specialize in creating sustainable and low-maintenance landscapes that are both beautiful and functional. From turf installation to hardscaping and lighting.

We offer a wide range of Public address system solutions to fit the specific needs of our clients. Our team of audio experts are equipped to design, install, and maintain professional audio systems for various venues, such as conference halls, sports arenas, schools, and places of worship. We specialize in providing scalable, high-quality audio systems that are easy to use and maintain, ensuring that your audience always hears you loud and clear.

Our logistics services are designed to provide our clients with flexible, reliable and cost-effective transport solutions that are tailor-made to their specific requirements. We have a team of logistics experts who are experienced in managing and coordinating the transportation of goods, ensuring timely delivery and efficient distribution. Whether it is for a small business or a large-scale project, we have the resources and expertise to handle all your logistics needs, including warehousing, inventory management, and freight forwarding. We use advanced technology to track and monitor all our deliveries, providing real-time updates to our clients and ensuring that their cargo is handled with the highest level of care and security.


At Backyard Provisions Kenya Limited, we pride ourselves in having a team of dedicated and skilled professionals who are committed to delivering excellence in everything we do.

With a foundation built on teamwork, mutual respect, and a shared vision of providing top-quality services to our clients, our team consistently exceeds expectations.

Our employees are carefully selected for their skills, experience, and passion for the construction industry, with majority of them holding advanced certifications.

We believe in investing in our team by providing ongoing training and development opportunities to ensure that we are always up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies. This approach has allowed us to successfully complete even the most challenging projects and solidify our position as a segment leader.

why us?

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service and quality.

Our team of dedicated and skilled professionals is committed to delivering excellence in everything we do. We invest in the latest technologies and provide ongoing training for our team, which helps to ensure that we deliver high-quality services in a timely manner. We are confident that our commitment to providing a flexible bespoke service, tailored to the specific needs of each client, will inspire trust and confidence in our clients, making Backyard Provisions Kenya the go-to choice for all their construction projects.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your construction needs, providing a wide range of services including commercial and residential building construction, road construction, home decorations, remodeling and renovations, interior design, office fit-outs, flooring and tile work installation, commercial cleaning, painting, plumbing, Landscaping and so much more. We take great pride in our ability to provide practical solutions to our customers, and we are committed to delivering consistent and reliable service. We are passionate about what we do, and we are confident that our commitment to excellence will make us your preferred construction partner.



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